Guest spot on a POPS update – woop!

I’ve been travelling across America for the past 3 weeks and, as a result, have had the pleasure of being involved in some other people’s internet shenanigans :)

My brother, Jake Jarvi, writes and directs a crazy-successful web series called The Platoon of Power Squadron.  He does a weekly update about what’s been done on the latest episode in the past week.  I usually get a guest appearance when I’m in town, so here it is! (Update: it’s already got over 5,000 views!  OH how I love to mooch off my brother’s hard-earned internet fame…)

Eliza (Toser) Jarvi, is an outstandingly talented knitter and I also modelled a pair of her fingerless gloves the other day.  Check out her blog, it’s awesome (click on her name and it’ll take you right there)…

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